Reactivated Blog With Jekyll

Hugo broke on github (pages) after not writing anything for over a year, moved things over to jekyll to give it another try…

Reactivated Blog With Hugo

Somehow over time bitrot appeared in my Hugo setup. Files where ok for a very old version, but config changes no longer followed the newer conventions as suggested by Hugo. Also my carefully adapted theme had fallen to pieces and didn’t render no more, so Tranquilpeak theme to the rescue!

PentahoNL meetup March 2017 recap

Great vibe, interesting talks

Setup an easy reverse proxy to the biserver


Slack update from pdi

Data-transform your slack channels In my humble opinion Slack is a fantastic tool for keeping development teams aligned and informed. It has (irc supported) chat, voice calls, proper code snippet sharing but it really shines in its ability to integrate all that is important to a team.

Running pentaho on mesos - part 1

Introduction I have been amazed by the ease of getting software through the software development cycle once you start doing it the Docker way. I picked it up soon after it came to light, and hammered it hard. At that point I got all developers aligned to use Docker as well.

Pentaho NL spring meetup

Last month we gathered for the second Pentaho NL meetup. @Incentro were sponsoring the location (their office at former Airport Ypenburg) as well as some excellent food and drinks, much appreciated guys!

Jekyll boooh, hugo yeah!

Not that long ago I migrated my blog to github pages using Jekyll. Jekyll is a static website generator. You write some intermediate markdown pages, cheat some markup and the generator will build the static website for you, rss feeds, navigation and the whole shebang included.