Pentaho NL spring meetup

May 11, 2016

Last month we gathered for the second Pentaho NL meetup. @Incentro were sponsoring the location (their office at former Airport Ypenburg) as well as some excellent food and drinks, much appreciated guys!

Again we had an impressive turn up, some new faces, some more familiar, a good mix for sharing and discussing life, the universe, and well, Pentaho stuff…

Data Virtualization with PDI Community Edition

Edwin Weber

alt text

Edwin challenged the demo-gods, they got the better off him. But Edwin is a master (karate wise, as well as pentaho wise). He reclaimed his mastery and demo-ed Data Virtualization using the thin jdbc driver running sql queries on top of data transformations. Apparently this functionality still needs some hammering to get it to work. But from what I have heared Edwins work has already been relayed to another master, a new Diethard Steiner post should be in the makings.

As for Edwins talk, here is the transscript.

Datastax Cassandra plugin

Rudmer van Dijk The current Cassandra plugin from Pentaho uses an old driver which is unable to support secure SSL connections to the cluster. At Incentro we created a new plugin that utilises the Datastax driver so we can use the secure connection. I’ll give a walkthrough and demonstration of the three steps in this plugin.

Rudmer gave a demo about their newly developed Data Cassandra driver taking us through all functionalities.

alt text

It has been released from the marketplace, hooray on that!

Tips and Tricks of using JavaScript in PDI

Julien Hofstede

“We all agree: Kettle is awesome. But sometimes seemingly easy things are hard to accomplish, or just not possible with Kettle. I’ll show some easy and advanced uses of the JavaScript Step in PDI such as prompts, dynamic accessing of rows, calculations and filtering of rows.”

Julien talk was very interesting, stressing the balance between doing it the Etl / pentaho way versus fixing it in one go in a javascript step. The javascript step is a very powerfull step (dating back to that very beginning of PDI) enabling you to dive deep inside the Pentaho data-integration application and exposing api’s unknown to most!

His talk can be found here, but make sure you dive into the demo samples as well!!!

To conclude, another inspriring Pentaho NL meetup!